Salt of the Earth Pure Armour Vetiver & Citrus Roll-On.

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  • 75
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  • ml

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Product Description
  • Fresh, natural fragrance
  • Uses salt crystals to eliminate odour-causing bacteria
  • 100% natural
  • Contains organic, skin soothing aloe vera
  • No white marks!
  • Vegan and cruelty free

A natural, soothing, effective deodorant made with plant extracts and mineral salts, specially formulated for men. For centuries, natural mineral salts have been used to prevent body odour. One of these natural salts, potassium alum, is the main active ingredient in Salt of the Earth pure armour explorer natural roll-on deodorant. Potassium alum creates an invisible antibacterial layer on the skin’s surface that helps to control the growth of bacteria, preventing body odour. The result is effective, long-lasting protection that allows your skin to breathe.

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Formerly know as Pure Armour Explorer Roll-On.