Urban Veda Purifying Hydrating Toner

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  • Size:
  • 150
  • type:
  • ml

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Product Description
  • For Oily and Acne-prone skin
  • Refines pores
  • Ph Balanced
  • Neem infused
  • Suitable for Vegan

Target breakouts, tighten pores and balance the pH level of oily and acne-prone skin with our Purifying Hydrating Toner. This neem-infused toner contains organic extracts, vitamins and amino acids to hydrate the skin whilst naturally reducing excess sebum on the skin. The perfect toner for oily and congested skin.

Urban Veda has been developed in synergy with Ayurvedic principles to target the primary skincare needs of the three doshas. The central concept of this Ayurvedic skincare approach is to maintain your dosha’s natural balance, helping to keep skin in optimum health.