Pukka Relax Organic Tea.

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  • 20
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  • Sachets

What our customers say

  • Gerrie


    Love Vanilla Chai "Pukka" tea and now "Relax" blend has been added to my favourites.

    Oct 21 2018 5
Product Description
  • A calming mix of chamomile and fennel
  • Gentle and soothing for your nervous system
  • Part of Pukka's invigorating 'Feel Alive' selection
  • Sustainably sourced and suitable for vegans

Step back and relax with this tranquil blend of soothing chamomile, comforting oat flower and sweet fennel seed. Specifically formulated to help you unwind, each ingredient of this relaxing organic tea works to calm your central nervous system, reducing any nagging anxieties or restless impulses.

Instead you can sit back and feel your worries drift away – especially useful at the end of a long day of continuous demands. Our colleagues here at Jan de Vries normally reach for this brew after a hectic shift as it helps them to slow down, preparing them for a laid back evening.