Jan de Vries Rose & Ylang Ylang Epsom Bath Salts.

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Product Description
  • The blend of rose and ylang ylang essential oils envoke a feeling of calm
  • Naturally high in magnesium which can be absorbed through the skin
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Soaking in a warm bath before bed can help you unwind and prepare your body for sleep

Magnesium Sulphate can be used for bathing, or as advised by a practitioner. For An Indulgent Treat - Add 250g of Epsom Salt to your bath, lay back and relax for 15 - 20 minutes and allow the minerals to be absorbed - and enjoy!

Did You Know?

Worth remembering - your skin is your largest organ and whatever you put on to it is absorbed into your body! Many of us are deficient in magnesium. This is partly due to agricultural practices over time that affects soil nutrients, plus choices in diet. What better way to top up on this important mineral than by soaking in a luxurious bath with Epsom Salts and naturally absorb the magnesium - toxins are drawn out, the goodness absorbed and tired muscles are relaxed.