Solgar Selenium (Yeast Free).

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  • Strength:
  • 100ug
  • Size:
  • 100
  • Type:
  • Tablets

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Product Description
  • Provides 100µg Selenium
  • An essential trace mineral that supports the immune system
  • Potent antioxidant
  • Yeast free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Selenium is primarily used to support the immune system, but it is also a potent antioxidant that can help protect against the damage caused by pollution, chemicals and UV rays. It is also involved in the manufacture of specific proteins called selenoproteins, which are thought to be important for the thyroid, reproductive health and the immune system.

Our body can’t produce selenium on its own which means that we have to get this nutrient from our diet or in supplement form. If you’re looking for a daily maintenance selenium supplement then Solgar’s yeast-free Selenium 100µg is a great choice! Since it’s yeast free, it’s great for people with yeast allergies or those on the Candida diet. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans!