Clipper Sleep Easy Organic Infusion

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  • 20
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  • Teabags

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Product Description
  • Soothing blend of cinnamon, chamomile and valerian!
  • Gently infused with a touch of natural orange flavouring
  • Promotes and maintains a healthy sleep pattern
  • Organic with no unnatural flavourings or preservatives

Comforting and relaxing, this is the perfect brew if you’re finding it difficult to nod off at night. Infused with soothing chamomile, sweet cinnamon and calming valerian, each herb works to ease symptoms of stress, allowing you to unwind and helping you to sleep! A favourite here at Jan de Vries, you could also try Clipper’s Snore & Peace infusion for another great, uplifting blend!

The UK’s No 1 Fairtrade Tea Company, Clipper has been involved with fairtrade tea since 1994 and aim to deliver the finest quality of tea to the masses. Started by Mike and Lorraine Brehmes in Dorset, the company has now expanded monumentally since its inception in 1984 but still retains its core values – “It’s what’s on the inside that counts!”