Biona Spelt Penne Pasta

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  • Size:
  • 500
  • Type:
  • Grams

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Product Description
  • A fuller, nuttier flavour compared to other pastas
  • Full of health-boosting nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin K and selenium
  • Simple and easy to incorporate into a wide range of dishes, from cold salads to hot pasta bakes

It’s unsurprising that, with so many claims now being made about wheat, people are actively seeking out alternatives. Spelt in particular has grown in popularity as, although this grain is closely related to wheat, it’s believed to have a few additional benefits, including higher levels of nutrients such as vitamin K and selenium.

People also seem drawn to spelt because of its rich, nutty flavour that excellently complements a wide range of dishes. Biona’s Spelt Penne Pasta is no exception – it tastes great as part of a cold salad or warm if you plan on using it alongside piping hot pasta sauces!