Tea Stomach Ease

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Product Description

This comforting tea combines sweet fennel seed with a refreshing combination of licorice, peppermint and warming spices such as cardamom and ginger to help support healthy digestion. Ideal if you’re feeling a little bloated, we normally have a glass of this tea on standby after a large meal or when we’ve been overindulging a little.

If you’re looking for other soothing teas to help support a healthy stomach, you could try Yogi Tea’s Ginger Tea which consists of a lively blend of warm ginger, lemongrass, peppermint and black pepper.

Yogi Tea’s root stem from Indian Ayurvedic teachings about balance and harmony between the body, soul and mind. As a teacher of holistic living, Yogi Bhajan came to the West to share his teachings and used to serve his students an aromatic spice tea blend which he affectionately called ‘Yogi tea.’ Today, people all around the world enjoy this special tea and now Yogi Tea has over 44 variations, crafted using carefully selected organically-grown herbs and spices.