Faith in Nature Tea Tree Natural Foam Bath and Shower Gel

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  • Size:
  • 400
  • Type:
  • ml

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Product Description



  • Zingy citrus oils melt with cleansing tea tree
  • Stimulating  and incredibly refreshing
  • Infused with potent antiseptic qualities
  • 100% natural fragrance with no parabens or SLS

Faith in Nature’s Natural Tea Tree Bath and Shower Gel is an intensely refreshing experience punctuated by sharp notes of tea tree blending perfectly with the citrusy zing of lime and lemon oils. Stimulating for your senses and soothing for your skin, this formula gently cleanses and removes impurities, helping your skin to feel renewed and revitalised.

Lovely for building a luxurious lather, if you’re fond of tea tree then Faith in Nature have a variety of products you may be interested in trying for yourself, including a Hand Made Organic Tea Tree Soap and even a Natural Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner!