Why is herbal tea good for you?

Sep 22 2020Sharon

Why is herbal tea good for you?

The benefits of herbal tea are widely celebrated East and West, today and throughout history.  But why exactly is herbal tea so great, and why should you be drinking more of it? Firstly, we have to talk about the amazing health benefits of herbal tea. The benefits you get from your herbal tea depends entirely on the type of tea you're drinking: some support the immune system, some aid relaxation and some promote healthy digestion.

Each tea has different benefits, so let’s talk about a few of our favourites:

Turmeric – you may recognise this as a commonly used curry spice, but it tastes delicious in tea and is great for inflammation, digestion and joint health.
Ginger – ginger is great for digestion, but it is commonly used in tea to help soothe nausea.
Lemon, ginger and honey – this combination is famous for treating the symptoms of colds and flu. It can ease a sore throat, soothe a tickly cough and decongest a stuffy nose.
Golden Rod – this tea is perfect for supporting the urinary tract and keeping bladder infections at bay.
Peppermint – this refreshing tea is often used to relieve bloating, and it can also help clear up stuffy, congested noses.
Chamomile – well known for its calming properties, this kind of tea can help ease anxiety and stress and aid relaxation. This makes it especially suited for people who struggle with sleep problems.
Echinacea – great for the immune system!

Fruit teas, though not technically herbal, also have a number of benefits. Most fruit teas will be rich in vitamins, particularly those which use berries and red fruits such as blackcurrant and cranberry. 

One other major benefit of herbal teas is that they tend to contain much lower levels of caffeine, and many contain no caffeine at all! This is a great bonus because caffeine can cause all kinds of problems – it can trigger anxiety, cause palpitations, interfere with digestion and it can even worsen inflammatory conditions.

Finally, the amazing range of herbal teas available means that there is usually something for everyone – this is especially great if you aren’t a fan of regular tea or coffee. We have a great range of teas available at Jan de Vries, so come and have a look. What will you choose – refreshing, calming, healing, spicy or something else entirely?