Pukka Three Chamomile Tea.

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  • Size:
  • 20
  • Type:
  • Sachets

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Product Description
  • A comforting blend of chamomile
  • A positive influence for your nervous system and sleep patterns
  • Soothing and uplifting for your mood and menstrual cramps
  • Caffeine-free, organic and vegan-friendly

Pukka’s Three Chamomile Tea is enriched with a soothing fusion of three distinct types of chamomile, Egyptian, Croatian and Hungarian. Superbly delicate and fragrant, chamomile is a natural comforter, helping to diffuse stress and wash away anxiety, leaving you feeling calmer and more in control.

Each blossom is hand-picked to produce a high-quality organic blend that’s entirely free from caffeine. Ideal to sip away at before you go to bed, this is definitely a popular brew with our customers, especially if they are trying to adapt to stress!