Pukka Three Licorice Tea.

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  • Size:
  • 20
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  • Sachets

What our customers say

  • Jan Archibald


    Tasty and warming.

    Dec 31 2017 4
Product Description
  • Sweet and comforting
  • Excellent at soothing your digestive system
  • Immune-boosting and a natural anti-bacterial agent
  • Vegan-friendly and made according to FairWild principles

Licorice seems to be a love-hate flavour, so if you’re in the ‘love’ camp, then this tea is a must have! In fact, even if you’re in the ‘hate’ camp, this delicious blend might just change your mind.

Pukka have combined Kazakhstani, Georgian and Pakistani licorice in this tea to create a distinct flavour with nourishing qualities. It’s got a subtle sweetness as well as warm undertones. It’s the perfect comforting drink for a rainy day!

As always, the ingredients in this tea are 100% organic, meaning you get the full flavour and benefits! Better for you, better for the planet.