How to survive overindulging this festive season with A.Vogel!

Sep 23 2020Jeanette

How to survive overindulging this festive season with A.Vogel!

It can become easy to get caught up in the excitement and joy of the festive season and it can become even easier for our healthy lifestyle to take a backseat! Many of us overindulge over the holidays only to feel wracked with guilt and extra poundage come January. Well today I’m on hand with a few tips to help you survive overindulgence this festive season as well as my favourite A.Vogel products to help you relieve festive binge symptoms like bloating, indigestion, heartburn and hangovers!

Tip 1: Moderation is key!

We all love a drink or two at the office Christmas party (or maybe three, or four or five!) but if you want to avoid putting on extra poundage and want to look after your health this season moderation is your friend.

Alcohol is usually packed full of sugar and calories that contribute to weight gain. Now, you don’t have to be completely sober for every single party but limiting your intake will not only help preventing those pesky extra pounds but it will also make that dreaded hangover less likely! Decide on how much you want to drink before you go and do your best to stick to that. Alternating alcoholic drinks with a glass of water will help stop you from drinking as much.

Tip 2: Healthier snacks

Naturally, watching what you eat can help prevent excess weight-gain although during the festivities this is easier said than done! Try to opt for vegetable sticks and healthy dips rather than sweeter treats like rich, heavy chocolates.

If you do feel the need to indulge in a sweeter treat I’d recommend choosing dark chocolate over milk chocolate such as those which can be found in Raw Halo’s Christmas Chocolate Gift Set which not only makes a perfect gift but can also serve as a tasty treat for you too! Or, if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen why not have a go at making Ayesha’s Chocolate and Cherry Energy Bites? They are sure to impress friends and family!

Tip 3: Portion sizes

When it comes to Christmas time we often heap piles and piles of food onto our plate in an aim to taste everything! But, when it comes to healthy eating and our waistline this sure isn’t the best approach! Rather than piling the food high and engorging yourself take a smaller plate and listen to your body; when it tells you that it’s full it’s time to put down the fork!

Remember to eat and chew slowly to allow your mouth to taste the food and signal to the rest of the body to begin secreting the necessary enzymes for the digestive process. Eating slowly will also help your body to register that it is eating and being fulfilled, so you will feel fuller and less likely to wolf down extra treats.

Tip 4: Keep hydrated

As I mentioned above keeping hydrated is important when it comes to hangover prevention. Alcohol is a diuretic meaning that it causes you to urinate more frequently and this increase in the need to wee means that we can experience an electrolyte imbalance. This imbalance means we lose essential electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium which are thought to contribute to our hangover symptoms.

Drinking plenty of water will help to prevent the negative effects of dehydration and I’d recommend A.Vogel’s Balance electrolyte drink which will help to replace all of these important electrolytes we have lost. A.Vogel’s Balance Mineral Drink contains magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium as well as our recommended daily intake of vitamin D.

Overeating, over-drinking, indigestion and bloating? Try Digestisan

When it comes to indigestion, A.Vogel have the perfect remedy. Digestisan is an expertly crafted blend of artichoke, dandelion, peppermint and dried Boldo leaves to help you relieve uncomfortable symptoms of bloating, indigestion, fullness and abdominal discomfort.

Artichoke is a herb that helps along fat metabolism and cholesterol problems, whilst dandelion helps to eliminate fluid retention and regulate bile production, peppermint helps to relieve bloating by relaxing the muscles of the intestines, and dried Boldo leaves help to improve digestion and prevent heartburn and bloating.

Digestisan also helps to support good liver function by improving bile production and movement to help increase metabolism of fats.

Heartburn? Try Centaurium

Centaurium is a well-known stomach bitter – a herb that has a bitter taste and is used to aid digestion. Taken 5 minutes before meals, A.Vogel’s Centaurium can help to rebalance stomach acid, improve protein metabolism, absorption of calcium, iron and B12 as well as help improve acid reflux by toning the oesophageal sphincter.

Stomach bitters, such as Centaurium improve digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes. This helps to optimise the breakdown of food which can help to relieve symptoms such as nausea, flatulence and gastric discomfort.

Sluggish digestion and constipation? Try Linoforce

During the festivities we often indulge in lots of heavy foods that aren’t too easy for our digestive system to keep up with and thus we have constipation. The good news is A.Vogel have a natural constipation relief that contains linseed, senna and frangula.

Linoforce is a licensed herbal remedy for the relief of constipation and is one of Alfred Vogel’s very first herbal remedies. Linseeds are largely known for their laxative effect on the bowels and, because they are full of fibre, they help to bulk up stool and keep your movements regular which helps to prevent any build up. Frangula, and Senna, are both laxative remedies that can be found in nature.

A.Vogel’s founder Alfred Vogel believed in the healing power of plants which is why all the ingredients in Linoforce are organically sourced so that you are provided with simply the best herbs that nature has to offer.