Could turmeric be the answer to boosting your metabolism?

Sep 23 2020Joanna

Could turmeric be the answer to boosting your metabolism?

It’s that time of year again when most of us are starting to think about our metabolism again after the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s. While exercise is arguably the best way to rouse a sluggish metabolism back to life, many of you will probably turn to your diet for a bit of extra help. However, could turmeric also help in your quest to boost your metabolism? Surprisingly, there’s a fair amount of evidence in this super-spices’ favour, as I shall explore in today’s blog!

So where does all the hype about turmeric come from? This spice has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and cooking for centuries but it’s only recently caught the attention of the wider public, making a name for itself due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that lend itself to a variety of different health complaints. So how exactly does it help your metabolism?

1 – Heats things up

Turmeric is traditionally known as a ‘heat-creating spice’ meaning that it has the capacity to increase your body heat – after all, who doesn’t like a bit of turmeric in their curry? However, this ability to boost your body heat has the added bonus of increasing your metabolism and supporting digestive processes. Just be careful though – while a small increase in your body temperature won’t harm you, too much can upset your stomach so moderation is key!

2 – Helps to get rid of toxins

Detoxes are always top of mind at this time of year, particularly since your liver is probably exhausted after all the hard work in December. If you have sluggish liver, it can mean that all those nasty toxins floating around in your body aren’t being removed properly, impacting a number of bodily functions, from your digestion to your skin to your metabolism!

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, curcumin, an active compound in turmeric, is known to help support your liver by increasing your production of bile in the gallbladder. Your liver can then use this bile to breakdown harmful toxins and compounds, ridding your body of impurities.

3 - Fights inflammation

As I mentioned earlier, turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties which translate well to supporting your metabolism, particularly if you are overweight. This is because, when you are overweight, your entire body suffers from low-grade inflammation that can affect your digestive system and cardiovascular health.

Curcumin helps to relieve some of this inflammation, suppressing inflammatory signals to pancreatic, fat and muscle cells. In turn, this can help to reduce insulin resistance, support your blood glucose and cholesterol levels, prevent metabolic syndrome and make it a little bit easier for your metabolism to spring back into action.

How can I get more turmeric?

While turmeric is fantastic one of the main problems with the spice is that its beneficial compounds, curcuminoids, are extremely poorly absorbed in your gut.  This means that while it never hurts to incorporate a bit more turmeric into your cooking, supplements may be a better way of getting the right amount and even then, efficient absorption isn’t guaranteed.

However, a study at Cardiff University revealed that an oral spray was 4.5 times more efficient than tablets, capsules and drops! That’s why I always recommend BetterYou’s Daily Turmeric Oral Spray. It’s quick and simple to take with just 4 sprays offering 1300mg of turmeric.

Since its absorbed straight into your bloodstream, it doesn’t have to go through your digestive system, meaning that your body can utilise more of the active compounds! It’s one of my favourite products here at Jan de Vries and our customers seem to agree as it won the ‘Best New Health and Nutrition Product’ in the 2017 Natural and Organic Awards!