HRI Water Balance Diuretic

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  • Sheena Cathcart


    Feeling better without the excess fluid ,,,

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Product Description
  • Controls water retention.
  • Alleviates bloating.
  • Reduces swollen ankles.
  • Replaces potassium loss.
The natural answer to fluid retention:

HRI Water Balance is a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms of mild water retention based on traditional use. It contains four herbs: Dandelion Root and extracts from Buchu, Parsley Piert and Uva Ursi. Whole Dandelion Root replaces the potassium loss with occurs with treatments for water retention.

  • Helps with slimming by controlling water retention
  • Alleviates bloating associated with pre-menstrual tension (PMS) and the menstrual cycle
  • Reduces swollen ankles (oedema)
Suitable for -
Anyone suffering water retention over the age of 18.

Precautions -
Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Not recommended for people with liver or kidney disease, peptic ulcer, gall bladder or bile duct problems.

HRI Water Balance is regulated by the UK health authority governing medicines, the MHRA, and is safe to take at the recommended dosage. Always read the patient information leaflet (attached at the bottom of this page) to see if the product is suitable for you. THR registration number THR 14404/0003.