Moo Free White Chocolate Snowman Bar

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  • 32
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  • Grams

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Product Description
  • Perfect gift for those who cannot eat dairy chocolate
  • Creamy taste with vanilla flavour
  • Free from dairy, soya & gluten
  • 100% vegan

A festive chocolate treat from the wonderful folks at Moo Free. This vegan white chocolate snowman has a creamy taste with a delicious vanilla flavour, but, like all of the Moo Free confectionery, it is completely dairy free. These bars would make a perfect little Christmas gift, treat or stocking filler for any dairy dodging choccy chomper. It just cannot get any better than this!

These scrummy little white chocolate snowmen are made using our dairy free and vegan Rainforest alliance chocolate, which means that by purchasing these Christmas chocolate snowmen you are also helping to protect the planet. As well as being dairy-free these chocolate bars are also gluten-free, soya-free and 100% vegan.

At Moo Free, the factories send 0% waste to landfill -  all packaging is recyclable.


It was a quiet Wednesday up in the flake-filled mountains, and Mittens the snowman was fed up because he had no-one to play with. He decided to go for a little wander, and found a smooth snow-filled path in the woods to slide down, giggling all the way! He then got busy drawing in the snow with his stick fingers, when he realised it had got very dark and he was lost. A glowing, thumping thing appeared and gave him a fright, but it was a friendly baby dragon called Sparky. His cheery new pal blew puffs of fire into the air, lighting the way back up the mountain, and they sang songs about snowflakes and fireworks all the way. After that they played together every day, and put on an ice and fire show for all the forest animals to enjoy!