Why we love Pacifica!

Sep 23 2020Melodie

Why we love Pacifica!

We work hard here at Jan de Vries to bring you all the best products on the market, and that’s why we’re always on the hunt for exciting new brands!

One of our favourite new brands right now is Pacifica, an innovative natural skincare and makeup brand inspired by nature. Founded by Brook Harvey-Taylor, the fragrances and products are largely inspired by places, moments and experiences from Brook’s travels; there’s homages to surfing trips in Hawaii, the sacred Gardenia bloom and the orange groves of Tuscany.

Her blends are sophisticated and complex, yet, fun, happy and easy to wear.

While perfumes and soaps are Pacifica’s flagship products, there’s also a huge variety of skincare and beauty products available, including cleansers, face cream, face wipes, nail polish, mascara, lipsticks and foundations – and much more!

So why do we love Pacifica so much?

Firstly, few brands put as much thought, care and passion into their products as Pacifica, and few fragrances tell stories in quite the way that Pacifica’s do. Each fragrance “comes to life differently on each person, becoming a unique and integral part of them”. Choosing and wearing a Pacifica fragrance feels like a personal adventure in itself!

Secondly, Pacifica’s products are all completely natural and safe, and are free from parabens, phthalates and other nasty ingredients. They’re also cruelty free and suitable for vegans! These are all really important here at Jan de Vries, as we aim to stock only the most natural, safe and ethical products.

And of course, another vital requirement here at Jan de Vries is quality – and Pacifica definitely meets that criteria! Their products are innovative and at times unusual – we love that their perfumes are available not just in the traditional spray form, but also as a solid butter or a roll-on! Their skincare products are so nourishing and use great ingredients like coconut water, grape seed oil, cucumber and avocado oil, and in fact, their makeup is so lightweight and nourishing that at times it feels like another skincare product. However, their makeup range also matches up to big makeup brands in terms of staying power, coverage and texture, whilst also leaving a beautiful radiant glow.

Our favourite products

It’s hard to choose just a couple of favourite products because we love all of them so much! However, if we had to choose, here’s a few of our top picks:

Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples. This trio provides a highlighter, blush and darker contour shade to help create a radiant complexion. They look so great and natural, with a subtle shimmer – perfect for spring and summer! Infused with coconut, they apply as a cream and set as a powder.

Enlighten Eye Shadow Palette. This gorgeous eye shadow palette contains four shades to create beautiful shimmering looks: bright sparkling gold, deep shimmering purple, glittering sand and simple nude. They’ve got lovely velvety texture, rich pigmentation and last all night!

Waikiki Pikake Solid Perfume. We just love these handy solid perfumes! They’re so easy to throw into your handbag so you can top up on the go. This amazing fragrance is inspired by Hawaii, and heavily features Pikake, or Hawaiian Jasmine, and, according to Pacifica, is ‘a homage to the lush wooded and flowered paradise of old world Hawaii’.

Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes. If you’ve got sensitive skin you’ll be more than familiar with the stinging sensation that often accompanies normal face wipes, caused by harsh chemicals and alcohol. There aren’t a huge amount of natural alternatives available, so we’re really excited to bring you Pacifica’s face wipes! They’re packed full of gentle cleansers and nourishing ingredients, such as coconut water, aloe vera and calendula. Perfect for late nights when you just can’t be bothered with a full cleansing routine!