Wonder Berry Green Tea.

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  • Size:
  • 20
  • Type:
  • Sachets

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Product Description
  • A sweet fruity infusion with just a touch of spice!
  • Prepared using zesty wild berries and warming ginger root
  • Packed with immune-boosting vitamin C and Echinacea!
  • Always sustainably cultivated and harvested

Green tea is hailed all over for its amazing health benefits, from improved brain function to easier weight loss. However, the taste can take some getting used to and isn’t everyone’s, dare we say it, cup of tea.

If you want to drink more green tea but don’t love the flavour then we recommend Pukka’s Wonder Berry Green. It’s a green tea that’s packed full of tasty purple berries such as blackcurrant, elderberry, rose hip and acerola. These purple berries provide extra nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants, so it can be a great boost for health too!