Lamberts Multi-Guard For Kids - Aspartame Free.

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Product Description
  • Relevant levels of the B vitamins, essential for energy
  • Chewable pleasant tasting tablets free from sugar and aspartame
  • Suitable for ages 4-14 years
  • One of the best children's formulas available in the UK
  • Suitable for Vegetarian

Multi-Guard® for Kids remains one of the best children's formulas available in the UK, as it provides useful levels of all the important vitamins and trace minerals.

Most High Street brands provide only low potency vitamins and one or two minerals because taste, not nutrition is their primary concern. However, we have developed this formula using micro-encapsulated nutrients (that masks the flavour of the minerals), plus natural forest fruit flavour to produce chewable tablets that children readily accept.

We use natural Xylitol to sweeten the tablets, so the formula is aspartame free. It is also sugar free and will therefore not contribute to tooth decay.