Acidophilus Plus.

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  • Carol Nichols

    Acidophilus Plus

    This has been so helpful with my stomach problems. I am feeling alot better with less anxiety.

    Apr 12 2021 5
  • LG


    The best brand I have tried and easy way to take extra bacteria for a healthy gut especially if you take antibiotics as I have to.

    Jul 02 2019 5
Product Description
  • Probiotic providing 2 billion live cultures per capsule
  • Timed-release capsule protects against stomach acid
  • Helps restore and support gut bacteria to aid better digestion
  • Recommended for people with poor diets, people experiencing stress, or following a course of antibiotics
  • Suitable for vegans
Non dairy source of L-acidophilus, L-casei casei and L-casei rhamnosus.

Quest probiotic products are manufactured 100% in-house from proprietary probiotic master cultures with proven stability and survivability in the GI tract. Quest Acidophilus Plus provides a blend of lactobacilli bacteria, lyophilised and encapsulated with guaranteed potency until the end of shelf life.