Anduvite - Multivitamin and Mineral

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  • 60
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  • Tablets

What our customers say

  • Anonymous


    these capsules are the best i have ever taken and they contain everything that one needs to remain healthy

    Jan 23 2021 5
  • Hilary Melville


    I have only just started taking Anduvite this winter, so I do not know if they are working for me.

    Oct 13 2019 4
Product Description
  • A multivitamin and mineral combination
  • Prepared using vitamins A, D & E
  • Great for supporting your immune health and iron levels
  • An easy one capsule dose!

Jan de Vries’ Anduvite is one of our favourite supplements here at Jan de Vries! Our founder Jan worked with it for over 30 years and was comfortable recommending it to support overall health and wellbeing. The formula utilises a combination of minerals, vitamins and trace minerals, such as vitamin D, iron, vitamin E and iodine.

This may lend the product some immune-boosting properties but, it’s content of iron also makes it a nice option if you suffer from low iron levels or anaemia.