A.Vogel Atrosan Devils Claw

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  • Liz McCully

    Atrosan is life changing

    A friend recommended this medication to me for arthritis; I had lost ability to open jars/ packets and couldn’t turn on kitchen taps! After 3 weeks of Atrosan, I am able to manage all of these.. no side effects! Wonderful, highly recommend this product.

    Nov 23 2021 5
  • Dorothy Crichton

    atrosan devils claw tablets

    I haven’t really taken these long enough to feel the full benefit!I do still have considerable back pain however hoping this will help in the long run!

    Oct 27 2021 3
  • Liz McC

    These wonderful tablets were recommended to me and after getting no pain relief from other products, I tried Atrosan. Wonderful! I have no joint pain or clicking in both of my hands, Easy to order, easy to swallow- great service! I now highly recomm

    New lease of life!

    May 25 2021 5
  • Liz McCully

    My GP was wrong, there is a way to relieve joint pain!

    Artisan has given me full use of my hands back by removing colicky joints and easing pain in my hands due to arthritis in both hands. After 6 weeks of using Atrosan , higher dose, I now have full use of my hand and finger joints! I would love if the higher dose was available in one, single tablet but it has changed my life! I had it recommended to me and I give it high recommendation, too!

    Apr 06 2021 5
  • Anne Harrison

    Devils Claw

    Found very helpful in easy tendinitis in my shoulder

    Nov 06 2020 5
Product Description
  • Brilliant for backache, muscle pain or rheumatism
  • Made using cultivated Devils Claw, not wild herbs
  • Can be used in conjunction with other medicines
  • Suitable for asthmatics

Atrosan®Devil’s Claw tablets – for backache, rheumatism and joint pain. Devil’s claw is the common name of the plant Harpagophytum procumbens. The herb is found in the wild – but only in the Kalahari desert of Southern Africa and even now it is a difficult plant to cultivate. The root of Devil’s claw is used in herbal remedies for the treatment of muscle and joint pains, backache and rheumatism. Benefits and features of Atrosan®Devil’s Claw tablets:

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • For rheumatic pain, backache or lumbago
  • Made from extracts of cultivated Devil’s Claw rather than endangered wild harvested herb
  • Cultivated without the use of artificial fertilisers, insecticides and fungicides
  • Can be used with other medicines

Atrosan®Devil’s Claw is a licensed herbal rheumatism product. It is made from extracts of Devil’s Claw herb cultivated in the Kalahari without the use of artificial fertilisers, insecticides or fungicides. It can be used for joint pain and to reduce symptoms of back pain or other rheumatism pains in the shoulders and elbows, or for knee and other joint pains.