Quest Cranbiotix.

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Product Description
  • An ideal complex for women who regularly suffer from urinary tract infections
  • Contains cranberry to help stop bacteria adhering to bladder walls
  • Contains a probiotic to improve vaginal flora, which helps keep bacteria and viruses under control
  • Suitable for vegans

Quest’s probiotic capsules, Cranbiotix, are specially formulated to help those that suffer from repeated urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis or yeast vaginitis. Prepared using 72mg of proanthocyanidins found in cranberry extract, this supplement can help to improve your vagina flora, regulating bacteria and preventing viruses.

Here at Jan de Vries, this product is very popular amongst our female customers as it provides a vegan-friendly alternative to conventional medicines. We usually recommend it if they are taking antibiotics as this particular type of medicine can strip away friendly bacteria, creating an imbalance that can lead to an increase of unfriendly bacteria in your vagina.