Energy-B Complex High Potency Vit B Complex.

Hadley Wood

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  • Full spectrum B vitamin supplement
  • One a day
  • Great for metabolism and energy
  • Suitable for vegetarians

HadleyWood’s fantastic EnergyB supplement provides a full spectrum B vitamin complex in safe but potent quantities.

Here at Jan de Vries we’re big believers in balance, and getting a good balance of B vitamins is important – too much of one can easily offset the others and cause unpleasant side effects. That’s why we love this complex so much! It provides all the B vitamins in a great balance.

So what are B vitamins for? The majority help with metabolism and energy, so getting enough is really important for preventing fatigue – however, each vitamin also has its own unique set of additional uses in the body. For example, vitamin B3 is important for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, B6 is important for sleep and PMS, and B12 is used in DNA synthesis.