Exotic Lemon Magnesium Supplement.


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  • 100% natural magnesium
  • Powder maximises absorption
  • Helps maintain heart and muscle health
  • Delicious lemon flavour

Magnesium is needed for a variety of reasons as, amongst other things, it helps fight fatigue and encourages a healthy heart. So, if you want to gain these benefits by topping up your intake then why not try MAG365's unique lemon-flavoured magnesium supplement?

Made using 100% natural magnesium, this product is a quick, effective and convenient way to ensure your body gets a healthy dose of magnesium. Unlike many products of this type, this supplement comes in powder form which is much easier for the body to absorb. 

Plus, not only this, MAG365 have flavoured this supplement with tinge of natural lemon and so when the powder is added to hot or cold water it creates a refreshing drink. This means if you want to get the most from your magnesium supplement, this is the one to try!