A.Vogel Herb Cream - Skin Protector

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What our customers say

  • Paula


    I have used this cream for almost 30 years as a handy remedy for various skin irritations. I went through the menopause 15 years ago and with hormonal changes resulting in dryness I can wake up to “spend a penny” several times a night which can leave me feeling less than refreshed by sleep in the morning. I now use a little cream twice a day, morning and evening and sleep much better with only one trip to the bathroom or even uninterrupted sleep all night. Fantastic!

    May 01 2021 5
  • Jackie Jones


    I use a permanent colour lipstick and it leaves my lips very dry. I use this herb cream 3/4 nights a week and it really helps, better than other products.

    Jun 07 2018 4
Product Description
  • Soothes dry, chapped skin
  • Softens hard, rough skin
  • Nourishes cracked skin
  • Extract of fresh herbs

Bioforce Cream (formally know as Chamomile Cream) is a unique blend of herbs and oil in a natural base. St John’s Wort oil, crammed with deeply penetrating goodness from the wildflower meadows where it grows, combines with sunflower and calendula to nourish and help repair cracks in over-exposed skin. Added to this is Witch Hazel with its toning properties to protect against cracking and chapping.