A.Vogel Kelp

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What our customers say

  • Anne Ephgrave


    Bought these as I'm now following a vegan diet and wanted to make sure I was getting enough iodine, and know I can trust A.Vogel natural products for purity and quality. old rated it 4 as I've only been taking it for a couple of weeks, so can't fully comment.

    Feb 09 2021 4
  • Liz


    I find that taking these tablets helps my general health. I think if I did not take them I would be worse

    Jan 13 2019 5
  • Lou


    Have taken for years - great for metabolism

    Dec 06 2018 5
Product Description
  • Provides 50mcg iodine per tablet
  • Great for thyroid function
  • Supports normal metabolism
  • Good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin B6
  • Suitable for vegans

A.Vogel’s Kelp Tablets contain kelp from the giant kelp forests of the nutrient-rich Pacific ocean, to bring you a supplement that’s full of iodine as well as a number of other crucial nutrients.

While sea kelp is packed full of a variety of nutrients, including calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin B6, it is perhaps most famous for its content of iodine – a fantastic mineral for thyroid health. But what exactly does the thyroid do?

This little gland sits in the neck just under the Adam’s Apple and it contributes to hormone control. A poorly functioning thyroid can result in slow metabolism, weight gain, fatigue and poor skin, nails and hair health.

A.Vogel’s Kelp supplement is perfect for improving your intake of iodine to promote a healthy thyroid and improved metabolism. Each tablet provides a fantastic 50μg and the daily dose is 2-3 tablets, so it’s really easy to meet the RDA of 150mcg.

This is definitely one of our favourite kelp supplements here at Jan de Vries, and we particularly love that it’s suitable for vegans. Iodine is commonly found in our diets through fish, so it’s easy to become deficient if you’re following a vegetarian or vegan diet.