Magnesium Sleep Body Spray


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  • 10 sprays deliver 75mg magnesium enhanced with essential oils
  • A convenient alternative to tablets and capsules
  • Naturally aids deep and restful sleep
  • Supports the relief of muscle tension
  • Instantly relaxes the senses and prepares your body for sleep
  • Manufactured from carbon-negative, plant-based packaging.

It is well known that poor sleep can have a dramatic effect on our health, but what’s less well known is that a deficiency in magnesium can be one of the main factors affecting the quality of sleep we can achieve.

Magnesium is important for healthy muscles, the nervous system, mood, sleep and much more! If sleep is your big problem, then BetterYou’s Magnesium Sleep Body Spray might be just the thing you need.

Since this is a topical oil, the magnesium absorbs through the skin, which is actually a much faster and more efficient method than taking tablets and capsules. The oil helps to relieve tense muscles and can also be really useful for easing Restless Leg Syndrome.

Known as natures finest relaxant, transdermal magnesium relaxes body and mind, for a restful night’s sleep. By combining this essential mineral with specially blended essential oils, Magnesium Sleep Body Spray is the perfect supplement to any night time routine to replace magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles.

Formulated for topical use, BetterYou Zechstein Magnesium commences absorption immediately when sprayed onto the skin. This essential mineral helps to promote overall wellbeing and relaxation.

For best results this oil should be used every night to maintain sufficient magnesium levels.