Lamberts Multi-Max For the over 50s.

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  • Size:
  • 60
  • Type:
  • Tablets

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Product Description
  • Tailored for the over 50s
  • Provides a complex of B vitamins plus vitamin A, C, D, and E
  • Also provides zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, calcium and more
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Lamberts Multi Max is one of our favourite multi supplements here at Jan de Vries because it contains sensible but effective levels of many of the key nutrients we need in our diets. It’s specifically tailored to those over 50, to help meet their specific nutrient requirements!

So what’s in the tablets? You’ll find a full list in the ‘ingredients’ tab, but for now we can say it contains a complex of B vitamins, as well as vitamins A, C, D and E, plus a whole range of minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and iodine. There’s even some grapeseed extract for an added boost in antioxidants, helping to protect your cells from damage!

It’s a simple one-a-day tablet, which takes the hassle out of taking multiple supplements for multiple uses – with Lamberts Multi Max, you can get everything in one place!