Omega-3 50:20.

Hadley Wood

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  • Contains 50% EPA and 20% DHA per capsule
  • Made from anchovies, mackerel, herring
  • Helps to maintain heart and joint health

Looking for an omega-3 supplement but unsure which product to pick? Well, look no further than Hadley Wood's Omega-3 50:20!

The ratio 50:20 refers to the EPA and DHA content of each tablet - these are two elements that are essential to any omega-3 supplement and this product contains s a high content that's hard to find elsewhere. EPA can help with inflammatory conditions but it is contantly being used by the body so needs to be replaced regualry. DHA on the other hand, plays a structural role in the eyes and brain meaning it's also essential that the body recieve high levels of it. So, you can see exactly why Hadley Wood's Omega-3 capsules contain 20% DHA!

As well as this unique EPA and DHA content, this supplement is made from achovies, mackerel and herring which are molecularly distilled. This process gets rid of any "gunk" from the fish including oil and dirt making the supplement as pure and as natural as it gets!

So, whether it's to boost your heart health or aid aching muscles, Hadley Wood's Omega-3 supplement is the product to try!