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  • Strength:
  • 1200mg
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  • Capsules

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Product Description
Sometimes known as the 'Fat Fighter', Soya Lecithin is a part of every cell of the body, with high levels in the brain, liver, kidneys and bone marrow. A rich source of Phospholipids, these take part in the breakdown of fat in the liver and the emulsification of fat in food. It helps ensure cholesterol in the body flows freely and does not build up in the blood vessels, if this build up occurs it can cause heart attacks, strokes and circulation problems. Soya Lecithin aids the redistribution of body fat, therefore helping anyone who is interested in losing weight or on a low fat diet. It is a provider of a substance called choline which is needed for nerve transmission, specifically in the brain, used in the function of memory. Many studies have been done using Choline for several neurological and physchiatric conditions including normal brain function in children. It is recommended to take 1200mg 3 times a day, this will provide 60-70% Phospholipids per capsule.