Jan de Vries Bowel Essence.

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What our customers say

  • Linda Gillies

    The bowel essence is an excellent product. I have recommended it to my neighbour who also likes it.

    I would buy this bowel essence again in the future.

    Aug 17 2021 5
  • Jeanette Kenyon

    Second bottle

    I have used this morning and evening for the past couple of months and it certainly works for me .

    Aug 11 2021 5
  • John Giblenn

    Bowel Essence

    Have used it on & off for years & always brings needed relief. Would recommend.

    Apr 28 2021 5
  • Anni

    Jan De Vries Bowel Essence

    Wonderful Essence that beats the bloat! 5*****

    Dec 27 2020 5
  • Wendy

    Bowel essence

    This is absolutely marvellous and the only thing I need to use

    Nov 30 2020 5
  • Pauline Hurd


    Very effective and gentle. I also like the concept that you continue using until the bottle runs out!

    Jan 07 2020 5
  • Katie Read


    The product has not really made much difference to my bowel problem but I continue to use it thanks

    Aug 12 2018 3
Product Description
  • Helps with IBS symptoms
  • Evens out emotional imbalances
  • Helps when support is required for mental and emotional levels
  • Helps with stress, anxiety and constipation

Most of us have experience of unsettled bowels caused by feeling anxious about certain situations or even when going on holiday and consuming all sorts of different foods.

This remedy can be used by those who may be feeling sluggish, blocked, unsettled, knotted, churning and generally uncomfortable. Bowel essence can help promote calm, cleanse, settle, ease, comfort and generally relax you.

A flower essence indicated for irritable bowel syndrome IBS, bowel dysfunction, Crohn's Disease, diarrhoea, bloating and indigestion, stress, anxiety and constipation.

What are flower essences used for?

  • Emotional imbalances
  • When support is required on both mental and emotional levels
  • Physical conditions caused or contributed to by emotional factors such as stress