Jan de Vries Relaxing Essence

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What our customers say

  • Anne Ephgrave

    Relaxing Essence

    This product really does what it claims to do, excellent!

    Mar 24 2021 5
  • Andrea

    Relaxing Essence

    Excellent product. Used for exactly that purpose of relaxation and alleviation of anxiety. I also use ( out of Covid!!) to alleviate fear of flying. Rescue remedy no good for me however this does work!

    Feb 14 2021 5
  • Kate Riley


    I’ve felt more calm and able to cope with pressure and stress since taking this product.

    Jan 06 2019 4
  • Fiona Peel


    Excellent products, very beneficial for relaxation and sleep

    May 25 2018 4
Product Description
  • A key combination for hectic modern living
  • Help to maintain a relaxed system
  • Enable you to stay focused and productive
  • Helps with unwinding, tensions and angst
  • Helps with worry, burnout and stress symptoms

It is the case that some people find it harder to relax and unwind than others. However, whatever your personality, when you’re under pressure or feeling worried, the ability to let go of your stresses can feel near impossible. However, you don’t need to struggle on as here at Jan de Vries we have a suggestion to help when you’re feeling stressed.

The Jan de Vries Relaxing Essence is a unique flower remedy containing a large mix of recognisable plants such as Dandelion, Oak, Elm and Bluebell. These flowers are based in brandy which turns it into an effective flower remedy. If you’re feeling worried, tense, anxious or irritable then the product will help you to unwind and relax. In turn, this should enable you to stay focused and productive rather than burning yourself out.

What’s great about the Jan de Vries flower remedy product is that there’s actually a whole range of them available. This includes Night Essence which is also great when you are stressed as it helps you to achieve a relaxing and restful night’s sleep, free from interruptions or tossing and turning. There’s also a Concentration Essence which can increase alertness and therefore boost confidence. We said you wouldn’t have to struggle on through the stressful period – there’s always help out there!