A.Vogel Cranberry Complex

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What our customers say

  • Elizabeth

    Got rid of my UTI

    I had a UTI infection and had been on a few short rounds of antibiotics from my GP with no change in my symptoms of frequent feeling of need to urinate, but not actually needing to! The tablets were easy to take just twice a day, once as I started to improve. I took this along with the Uva-ursi & Echinacea from JDV and would definitely recommend them, sorted me much better than antibiotics.

    Sep 30 2020 5
  • Maria Dinnage



    Dec 06 2017 4
Product Description
  • Concentrated source of freshly harvested cranberries
  • Enriched with golden-rod, horseradish and bergamot
  • Great for supporting immunity and bladder health
  • Organically cultivated and suitable for children over 12

Cranberries are now a popular healthcare choice, especially among women.

Many products are now available – as supplements and juices.

Each tablet of our cranberry supplement contains the equivalent of 7.5g of fresh cranberries, as well as extracts of freshly harvested nasturtium, horseradish root, golden rod and bergamot.

One tablet per day but take two if you feel an extra need.