Jan de Vries Hawthorn-Garlic Complex

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What our customers say

  • L graham

    This is for a friend with high blood pressure .so I dont know if it works yet

    I like natural remedies as well

    Mar 08 2022 5
  • Jeff

    Good product

    Seems to work well

    Oct 12 2021 4
  • Mary Bromilow

    Hawthorn Garlic

    I have been taking these for just over two months as I have been concerned about my cardiovascular health, especially my blood pressure. It may be too early to judge but my readings are stabilising and seem to be coming down, in combination with increased exercise and care with my diet. I will continue to take them.

    Jul 20 2021 4
  • Mary Bromilow

    Easy to take

    Taking these to support my cardiovascular system. I trust Jan de Vries recommendations.

    May 19 2021 5
  • Heather

    Wouldnt be without them

    I have used this product for many years and it works. A clinic nurse did a with and without test and agreed with me that it is beneficial.”

    Apr 30 2021 5
Product Description
  • Great for supporting normal cholesterol levels
  • Helpful for high blood pressure and circulation
  • High in antioxidants to fight oxidative stress
  • No restrictions on long-term use

A combination of Garlic, Hawthorn and other remedies that counter atherosclerosis to make the delivery of blood to the heart more effective. If you have high cholesterol in your family, your blood pressure is a tad worrisome and you are concerned about your arteries clogging up this is the remedy for you. Pipe cleaning the herbal way. Jan de Vries prized both Hawthorn and Garlic highly and wrote extensively about both herbs. Garlic's usefulness has been catalogued back to antiquity and it is combined here with the pulp from the deep red fruit of the Hawthorn, one of the most familiar of hedgerow berries, and the beautiful Passiflora plant.

What is it used for?

  • Conditions associated with arteriosclerosis
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Mild high blood pressure