Hadley Wood IP6 with Inositol Powder

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What our customers say

  • Mia Murillo


    An excellent health product that is hard to obtain generally. Useful in so many preventions as a detox aid. Thank you for supplying at such a fair price and for a brilliant subscription service.

    Jun 15 2021 5
  • Mary Orr


    I bought for my sister. This had made a visible difference in her overall health. I would highly recommend this

    Jun 28 2019 5
  • riichardd


    The website works well, the deliveries are fast and efficient even over holiday periods. I couldnt find the product cheaper elsewhere in the UK.

    Jan 02 2019 4
Product Description
  • IP-6 and inositol maintain healthy cellular function 
  • Dietary supplement
  • Natural fruit flavour

IP-6 is technically known as inositol hexaphoshpate and is sometimes referred to as phytic acid. Together with a related nutritional factor, inositol, the IP-6 in this product has been blended in a patented (European patent # 4 22 109) 4:1 ratio. Both IP-6 and inositol are essential nutritional factors required for healthy cellular function and can be taken safely in addition to a balanced diet.