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What our customers say

  • Dorothy Crichton


    Haven’t taken long enough to comment!

    29th Sep 2019 4
  • Kd.


    Love that you can use between 2 and 4 depending on the level of anxiety being felt.

    2nd Sep 2019 5
Product Description

Stress is becoming a huge problem these days, and is thought to be contributing to the growing prevalence of anxiety disorders, sleep problems, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease and even obesity!

Increasing work demands, financial difficulties, long commutes, childcare and family strains are big contributors to stress, so it’s likely that everyone has experienced it at some point or another. Even pleasant events like weddings and Christmas can be a source of stress for many!

This stress epidemic is something that Jan de Vries himself was all too aware of. He developed his own ‘nerve tonic’, Jay Vee, to help combat this growing problem, and it’s still a favourite with our customers to this day!

It contains a few ingredients that are famous for their calming effect: chamomile, hops and lemon balm. In addition, it contains zinc which is important for the nervous system and cognitive function, and hawthorn berry which is thought to support the general nervous system and circulation.

This is a great all-round product for stress and anxiety, whether you are a generally stressful, nervous person, or whether you’re just going through a stressful time such as a divorce or new job.