A.Vogel Passiflora Complex Tablets

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  • 30
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  • Tablets

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Product Description
  • A gentle, relaxing herbal remedy for those suffering from stress or anxiety
  • Contains extracts of fresh Passiflora herb, dried Valerian Root and fresh Lemon Balm, all organically grown by A.Vogel
  • Soothing for your nervous system
  • Contains magnesium for nervous system support
  • Contains zinc to protect cells for oxidative stress
  • Non-addictive and prepared using organic herb extracts

Passiflora Complex Tablets contain extracts of Passion Flower, Valerian Root & Lemon Balm, Magnesium for nervous system support & Zinc to protect cells from oxidative stress. The combination works to soothe the nervouse system and improves blood supply to the heart and reduces stress so that you feel calmer (and sleep better too!). A native of the Americas, Alfred Vogel saw this showy flower in Mexico and Brazil, learning of its uses from the native people. The plant was brought to Europe in the 17th Century as a garden adornment but naturopaths started to use it about 100 years ago.