Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health.

Natural Factors

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  • Promotes Upper Respiratory Health
  • Helps Provide Relief from Common Cold Symptoms
  • Supports Improved Breathing
  • Contains Beneficial Extracts from Naturally Grown Roots, Leafs and Herbs
Natural Factors’ Lung, Bronchial and Sinus Health supplements includes a natural blend of herbs and nutrients to soothe irritated airways, thin mucus and loosen phlegm to improve issues with breathing and calm down coughing. The best part about Natural Factors’ Lung, Bronchial, and Sinus Health is that it is a non-drowsy formula and meant to relieve common cold symptoms while enhancing bronchial function and overall sinus health. These supplements are the perfect all natural alternative for anyone dealing with asthma, bronchial congestion and sinus problems. Lung, Bronchial and Sinus Health supplements can also be used for those who experience frequent fevers, have to deal with air pollution or for those who can’t seem to get rid of the cold they've had for months!