A.Vogel Sinuforce Nasal Spray

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What our customers say

  • Dorothy Crichton


    I find this helpful at night when my nasal passages seem blocked!

    Mar 29 2022 5
  • Dorothy Crichton


    I find that this is good for clearing the sinus for some time when going to bed!

    Nov 25 2021 4
  • Dorothy Crichton


    An excellent product for clearing the nasal passages and sinuses!

    May 25 2021 5
  • Alli

    Sinuforce Nasal Spray

    Cleared up a sinus infection which had made me miserable for four months in just two days - miracle cure!

    May 05 2021 5
Product Description
  • Fast acting relief for blocked or congested noses
  • Easy to use and enhanced with peppermint, chamomile and eucalyptus oil
  • 100% natural with no nasty preservations
  • Can be used over longer periods of time
  • Suitable for children over the age of 2

Blocked nose remedy.

Sinuforce for the relief of nasal catarrh, nasal congestion and a runny nose.

A.Vogel Sinuforce Nasal Spray with menthol provides rapid relief from a blocked or congested nose. It reduces swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, but leaves the natural protective function intact.

The 100% natural ingredients soothe your nasal mucous membranes.

Sinuforce Nasal Spray with menthol also contains peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil to ease breathing, and chamomile oil which has a soothing effect on your nose.

If required, the nasal spray can be used over a prolonged period of up to 30 days.

The unique bottle makes preservatives unnecessary.

Is this product suitable for me?

Use Sinuforce Nasal Spray if your nose is blocked during or after a cold. Other symptoms may include a feeling that your sinuses are congested (possibly causing headaches), or catarrh sitting stubbornly in your nasal passages. It is also a good product to try if you are finding it hard to breathe freely through your nose, with symptoms affecting your sleep or ability to exercise.

If your symptoms are caused by hayfever or allergic rhinitis (allergies to dust or animals), giving you an itchy or irritated nose, Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray will be more suitable for you. Other symptoms may include your nose and eyes reacting to certain weather conditions or factors that you can’t pin down.

It is unlikely that you would need both these products at the same time - Sinuforce Nasal Spray is for blocked noses and Pollinosan Nasal Spray predominantly for runny noses.