A.Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops

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Product Description
  • Quick relief of red and itchy eyes due to hay fever
  • Protection against pollen
  • With Chamomile and Soothing Hyaluronic Acid
  • Suitable for contact lens users

Hayfever affects many people, and in the spring/ summer months whilst the new plants blooming may be pretty, the pollen can bring many people to tears with hayfever! You may notice you are sneezing more, have an itchy throat and get red, itchy eyes. These brand-new eye drops from A. Vogel have been developed specifically to quickly soothe red, itchy eyes and discomfort caused by hayfever.

A.Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops contain hyaluronic acid (from vegetable source) and can be used for quick relief of red and itchy eyes due to hayfever. They are suitable for contact lens wearers. It is a sterile solution which means they can be used within 6 months of opening with no need to remove any contact lenses before use.

Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Eye Drops come in a unique dropper bottle. The easy-to-use dropper system releases just one drop at a time for ease of application. The unique bottle design keeps the contents sterile without using preservatives, ensuring the product can be used frequently, once open.

For additional hayfever relief, we also recommend A. Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Tablets to relieve the symptoms of hayfever and other forms of allergic rhinitis, and A. Vogel Pollinosan Hayfever Nasal Spray, an isotonic solution to cleanse the nose of pollen and other allergens.