Vitamin D3 4000iu.


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  • Easy to take in small capsules
  • Pure grade vitamin D3
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Lamberts Vitamin D3 4000iu provides 100µg of this important nutrient in the preferred D3 form, and at a strength that is increasingly being recommended to help correct deficiencies.

In the UK, the only significant food source of vitamin D is oily fish. Most of our vitamin D comes from the sun, but this can pose a problem as many people in the UK never get what they need from sunlight alone for several reasons:

  • Sunlight's ability to help us produce vitamin D is hampered by season – it only works in the summer
  • Latitude – the UK is far north
  • Time of day – sun is strongest between 11am and 3pm
  • Cloud cover – complete cloud cover reduces vitamin D synthesis by 50%
  • Smog/pollution – most of us live in cities
  • Skin melanin content – the darker skinned you are, the less vitamin D you will get from the sun
  • The use of sunscreen – SPF 8 and above

Even in summer, when vitamin D is most available, it is estimated that 45% of the English population have vitamin D levels of less than 40nmol/L (deficient), and that 75% fail to reach the ‘optimal’ level of 75nmol/L.

That’s why the natural Vitamin D3 in this product is the same form produced by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Suitable for vegetarians.