Zinc (as Citrate) 25mg.


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  • An ideal maintenance dose
  • Easy for your body to absorb and utilise
  • Excellent for supporting your immune system and skin
  • Acts as an antioxidants, helping to stimulate protein synthesis

While more well-known minerals such as magnesium and iron often steal the stage, zinc is finally starting to gain a wider recognition from our customers and here at Jan de Vries we couldn’t be happier. This mineral is so important for your health and wellbeing that we think it’s more than earned its place in the spotlight.

Zinc is often a necessary component for your enzymes, playing a role in everything from protein synthesis to your reproductive health. It’s even thought that certain skin disorders such as eczema or acne could be caused by low levels of zinc and the mineral is extremely important for your immune system too, helping to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines that often exacerbate cold and flu symptoms.

When it comes to getting zinc though, sometimes it can be tricky as it is normally found in meat and dairy products such as eggs. This is why we often recommend a maintenance dose to our vegetarian and vegan customers and Lamberts 25mg tablets tick all the boxes for us. They’re small, easy to take and are prepared using zinc citrate, a highly absorbable form of the mineral that is easier for your body to utilise.