A.Vogel Bio-Propolis Lip Care Ointment

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What our customers say

  • Anon

    Great for cold sores

    Very good. Works well and stops the development of cold sores. Would not be without it.

    Apr 14 2021 5
Product Description
  • Brilliant for soothing and relieving cold-sores
  • Naturally infused with anti-sceptic and anti-bacterial qualities
  • Made using organically-grown propolis extract
  • No known contraindications

Propolis is one of natures antiseptics, used by bees to reduce the growth of bacteria, viruses and moulds inside the hive. Propolis preparations have been shown to be effective in reducing healing time and intensity of pain in cold sores. Propolis can also relieve symptoms even when applied after the tingle stage. Bio-Propolis Cold Sore Barrier Ointment is formulated with carefully selected skin protectives and Propolis extract. Bio-Propolis Cold Sore Barrier Ointment is contains a patented propolis extract collected from the hives of bees that feed on a special variety of Canadian Poplar Trees. Bio-Propolis can be used at any stage of the cold sores development. It is designed to be rapidly applied to soothe the cold sore area and form a protective barrier to the elements, allowing the skins healing process to go to work and return the affected area to a healthy condition.