Jan de Vries Child Essence

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  • 30
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  • ml

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Product Description
  • Assists children trying to cope with big life changes
  • Helps children to relax and become more stable
  • Increases confidence
  • Calming effect on nervous children
  • Helps hyperactivity, ADD, tantrums, squabbling

This flower essence has a calming effect on nervous children, to help the child to relax, be more stable, increase confidence and adjust to the situation they are in. It also helps hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder, adjusting to changes, tantrums and squabbling, poor sleep patterns and bed wetting, maintaining a feeling of calm and restfulness and a sense of physical wellbeing.

Some children may need the help of this combination of flower essences. Many find it useful for children trying to cope with changing situations such as moving house, arrival of a new sibling, issues at school or at home when their behaviour during these times may be seen as attention seeking, disruptive or overactive. 

What are flower essences used for?

  • Emotional imbalances
  • When support is required on both mental and emotional levels
  • Physical conditions caused or contributed to by emotional factors such as stress