A.Vogel Animal Emergency Essence

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What our customers say

  • Shirley Perrie


    Not used this yet bought for emergency use only but trust the advice I was given.

    Feb 04 2018 4
  • Euphemia Cassidy


    Helps puppy before going on journeys

    Oct 12 2017 5
Product Description
  • A comforting blend of Cherry Plum, Aspen and other calming flower extracts
  • Good for soothing nervous animals through distressing times
  • Fast acting and easy to administer
  • Prepared using freshly harvested flowers

Designed for use following acute or critical events, as it can bring balance to the system and initiate calm. Emergency Essence can be used to relax an animal prior to or during particularly upsetting situations e. g. travelling, thunderstorms, bonfire night, visits to farriers or vet, etc. it is also supportive for easing the pain of separation after the loss of an animal friend or owner, adjusting to a new home. It is a fast-acting remedy hwhich can help to calm and provide relief for the animal.

Animals, like humans, can suffer with emotional problems and personality imbalances. Unable to verbally express how they feel or understand what is happening to them, their reactions to difficulties may be communicated through uncharacteristic behaviour, e. g. fear, aggression, destructiveness etc. Flower Essences are natural products made from wild plants. They may be used to calm the emotions, lift spirits and bring out the individuals full potential.

Flower Essences for Animals are hand prepared from the fresh flowers of plants and trees in the countryside. Fresh spring water is used to capture the essence of these fresh blooms. The flowers are captured on clear sunny days when they are at there best.