A.Vogel Animal Separation Essence

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Product Description
  • A gentle and comforting remedy for distressed pets
  • Infused with essences of chamomile, bluebell and honeysuckle
  • Soothing for sudden changes in an animal’s life
  • Can support and ease separation anxiety
  • Prepared from fresh flowers and organically cultivated

It can be incredibly sad when an animal has to be separated from its owner or animal friend even for a short period of time. Holidays, re-homing and young parting from their mothers are all situations that many animals find themselves in.

Separation Essence has been specially prepared for animals who may find themselves experience separation, such as re-homing or kennel visits. This essence was recently added to the range after a request from the R. S. P. C. A., who were looking for a natural way to help the animals when they were rehoming/caring.

This combination of flower essences have been blended together to help provide support and ease the anxiety and pain which may be causing the animal to pine and feel unsettled.

Hand prepared from the fresh flowers of plants and trees in the countryside. Fresh spring water is used to capture the essence of these fresh blooms. The flowers are captured on clear sunny days when they are at their best. Animals, like humans, can suffer with emotional problems and personality imbalances. Unable to verbally express how they feel or understand what is happening to them, their reactions to difficulties may be communicated through uncharacteristic behaviour e. g. fear, aggression, destructiveness etc. Flower Essences are natural products made from wild plants. They may be used to calm the emotions, lift spirits and bring out the individuals full potential.