Jan de Vries Emergency Essence.

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What our customers say

  • Irene Campbell

    Emergency essence

    I have bought this product for many years and swear by its effectiveness.

    May 30 2022 5
  • fiona

    emergency essence

    wow, this does exactly what it says.

    Apr 04 2022 5
  • Irene

    Emergency essence

    I have used this very effective essence for years and it works well by taking the edge off any anxiety I might be feeling. Definitely worth trying.

    Apr 01 2022 5
  • Andrea K

    Go to emergency essence

    Have used this essence for many years now. It served me well when I had a bad spell of anxiety due to ill health. I take it now if I feel anxious or can't sleep. It really takes the edge off and I always tell people about it if they need to combat anxiety. It really helps restless anxious kids too. I make sure to always have some in the house.

    Feb 27 2022 5
  • Billy

    I really like emergency essence it works well for me

    It's my go to natural essence

    Dec 14 2021 5
  • William

    Emergency Essence

    I have used this for sometime now as and when I need it because I find it works for me when times get a bit stressed

    Jul 09 2021 5
  • Gillian Leesd

    Emergency Essence

    This has been a stable in our house for a few years. Feeling a little anxious or nervous, cant settle to sleep? Then hopefully this will help you like it does in our family.

    Apr 29 2021 5
  • Mary quinn

    Emergency essense

    I was recommended this to use as I suffer with anxiety. I feel this is very good and helps me daily with my struggles only down size is the size as I feel I use alot

    Jan 13 2021 4
  • Patsy

    Jan de Vries Emergency Essence

    I've been using this product for over 15 years, particularly in times of stress and found it to be very efficient at calming me down and keep my equilibrium. I've recommended it to so many friends, I should take out shares in the company!

    Nov 30 2020 5
Product Description
  • Helps boost your mood and mind
  • Makes you feel comforted and reassured
  • Can help alleviate fear of flying
  • Helps in situations like accidents, trauma and emotional upsets
  • Helps for exams and interviews

This combination of essences may help maintain equilibrium of mood and mind, and provides support during times of anxiety, alarm and distress.

It is useful in any crisis situation such as bereavement, accident or fear. It may also be used in situations such as trauma, emotional upsets, exams and interviews, panic attacks, extreme stress, worry or shock.

Taking this remedy will help the individual to feel comforted reassured, settled, supported and more courageous. Emergency Essence can be safely used alongside any of our other combination flower remedies.

Available in 15ml or 30ml bottles.